A Dangerous Type Mystery Series


Tucked away on Bygone Alley in Star City, Utah, an old mining mountain town that's become a world renowned ski haven, is a shop called The Rescued Word. Inside, Chester Henry and his adult granddaughter, Clare, rescue all sorts of words - by repairing old books and typewriters and selling every sort of pen and paper imaginable.

They're also pretty good at solving a mystery or two. 

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"A finely honed plot and well-drawn, colorful characters will keep readers engaged." ---Library Journal

“Will intrigue you from A to Z and then some...I fell in love with feisty Clare and her Rescued Word from the first broken ‘L’—and so will you...Paige Shelton has come up with a unique combination of characters and setting.”—Susan Wittig Albert, New York Times bestselling author
“Clare is a charming protagonist who loves her work. The minor characters and subplots accelerated the novel's pace to add intrigue and suspense...I love cozy mysteries that are fast paced, riveting and intriguing, filled with exciting characters. To Helvetica and Back fits that bill nicely, and I can't wait to read future releases in this great, exciting and loveable new series.”—MyShelf.com
“I really like Clare, Jodie, Chester and Baskerville (the shop cat) as well as the side characters. Seth and Mutt look to be keepers...Shelton also writes the Farmer’s Market series and the Country Cooking School mysteries. I think I’ve found a new favorite!”—Kings River Life Magazine

Cozy mystery series. 

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